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Bicycle-Enhanced Network
Bicycle-Enhanced Network
Would you support bicycle enhancements on these corridors?
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Bicycle-Enhanced Network

As part of our complete streets networks, streets on the bicycle-enhanced network will receive a number of enhancements that aim to encourage riders of every age to bike and feel safe while doing so. See our features glossary and the Bike Plan Technical Design Handbook (links above) for definitions of the features. Learn more about the bike-enhanced network in our blog at la2b.org.

Sample enhancements for Backbone Streets (see the relevant sections of the Bicycle Plan Technical Design Handbook or NACTO, linked above, for a detailed explanation of the features)

Wide Bicycle Lane with Additional Pavement Markings (9.1); Raised Bicycle Lanes (9.12); Cycle Tracks-Protected Bicycle Lanes (9.13); Dedicated Bicycle Lane w/Bus Lane (3.5); Colored Bicycle Lanes in Conflict Areas (9.6); Colored Bicycle Lanes at Interchanges (9.7); Bicycle Box (9.8 or 9.11); Two Stage Turn Queue Boxes (NACTO)

Sample enhancements for Neighborhood Streets (Bicycle Plan Technical Design Handbook Reference)

Mini-roundabouts (4.6); Stop Signs on Cross-Streets (4.7); Curb Bulbouts and High-Visibility Crosswalks (4.8); Diagonal Diverter (4.9); Bicycle Signals at Major Intersection Crossings (4.10); Crossing Islands (4.11); Bicycle Only Left Turn Pocket (9.4)

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More Info:
Download the BIke-Enhanced Network pdf
Complete Streets Features Glossary
City of Los Angeles 2010 Bicycle Plan
City of Los Angeles 2010 Bicycle Plan Technical Design Handbook
NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide
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