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About The Project
LA Mobility Element Details


LA/2B is a project of the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning and Transportation to envision a new way of moving around the city, using its streets for mobility and beyond. If what we have today is less than ideal, what should the City’s streets look like, how should they function, and how do we get there from here? That’s where you come in. We need a new road map to the future. Over the next six months we’re going to do a lot of listening so be sure to let us know what your ideas and comments are.


All of your ideas are going to help us:

1. Develop a revised Mobility Element which will identify goals, objectives, policies, and programs that reflect the communities’ future mobility ideas and suggested strategies.

2. Identify a layered network of arterial streets that assist all types of mobility (especially trucks, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians) to get around.

3. Update our City’s Street Standards to reflect all transportation modes (trucks, cars, scooters, bicycles, and pedestrians).

4. Produce a Streetscape Manual that will provide new guidelines and standards that will identify streetscape elements and characteristics (curb extensions, crosswalks, landscaped medians, parkways, sidewalk widths, pedestrian lights) that are appropriate for each street standard.

5. Revise our City’s Performance and Measurement Tools for evaluating the quality of our streets and mitigating the impacts of future projects.

6. Develop an Implementation Strategy that identifies the capital and maintenance costs as well as potential funding sources for implementing new street improvements and maintaining our City’s streets and sidewalks in good condition.

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This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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