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Allow Swapping of Bike Parking for Car Parking
Updated: Nov 26, 2011 David B2

Currently, the City sets out minimum parking requirements for cars almost everywhere. This often results in large parking lots/garages but nowhere to park a bike.

The City should allow businesses and apartment buildings to reduce the amount of car parking they have if they replace it with bike racks. If the bike racks are better (e.g. they block rain) a bigger bonus should result.

The rule could read something like "up to 10% of required parking spaces may be eliminated if they are replaced with X bike racks per space". This is a minor change from a driver's perspective, but makes a huge difference for a cyclist.

Bike parking requirements for new construction are good, but most of the buildings in the city have already been built without bike parking, so we need a mechanism to go back and correct that mistake.

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