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Create an integrated, dynamic transportation database
Dec 20, 2011 Tiffany C1

Create an integrated, dynamic transportation database consisting of all existing and planned components (arterials, transit, bicycles, etc.) to power a comprehensive transportation database.

Database will provide integrated, real-time information of transit choices along with the associated costs of such choice (gas, time, carbon footprint) and savings (money saved, time saved, etc.) so that users can see a comparison of choices and can make a choice based on their personal preferences and access needs.

Users will be able to see ALL available options/modes (transit, solo drive, bicycle access etc.), based on location, from different jurisdictions, services, etc.

Agencies can use the data to determine optimal levels of efficiency for freeways, arterials, and transit and adjust speeds accordingly in order to achieve a better throughput and to reduce GHG impacts during peak travel periods.

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