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Retrofit DASH buses and make them trolley buses
Dec 14, 2011 Anna C

Instead of bringing back the streetcar, which at this point seems costly to build and inefficient for riders (the proposed one way loop), why not take the existing DASH buses and just change them into trolley buses? They are about the right size, they're already cheap to ride and they go to the right places in the city, i.e. Little Tokyo, Chinatown, South Park, etc.

DASH already duplicates a lot of Metro bus routes, and there's really no reason for that. If we make them trolley buses, we get the historic aspect and feel of a streetcar and a service that's already useful to those who live in downtown, plus tourists would like to ride around more. And changing the buses would cost less and wouldn't involve tearing up any streets to lay new tracks, more than that it would be less of an impact on existing traffic as well.

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