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revamp the pedestrian crossing waiting patterns
Nov 23, 2011 Mrs. K

Currently one must wait for pedestrian to get all the way across the pedestrian crosswalk before making a right turn whether on a green or red light. Of course, most people ignore this law but, those of us who do obey it are yelled at, honked at and even have had cars pull around us to make the turn.

I suggest the law be revised to say as long as the pedestrian is not in the lane into which you are turning, you can make the turn. At times, I have had to sit through 3 lights before I could make a turn because the pedestrian walked so slowly crossing on the green light that I couldn't make the turn on the green and when I tried to make it on the red, the pedestrian then used the crosswalk in front of me and again, walked so slowly that the light turned green and I had to wait for another pedestrian crossing on the green.

I should also like to point out that people riding bicycles should be ticketed if they ride their bikes in the pedestrian crosswalks and should not expect traffic to stop for them. They belong not on the sidewalk but on the street and if they're going the opposite direction that I am they should be on the other side of the street.

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