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Roundabouts Please!!
Updated: Jan 18, 2012 Steve T
Roundabouts Please!!

We are one of the only cities that I've traveled to without roundabouts in use.

I only know of only two in L.A.
One right near the 405 and 101 south of Ventura and one off of Melrose and the one off Melrose isn't even functional cuz it has now has stop signs added to it now.
Kind of pointless then...8)

I know it's a major construction job converting an intersection to a roundabout, but it needs to be done!
Then the citizens need to be trained on how to use them of course so they don't go crashing into each other.

In many cities in Australia you will find roundabouts are just about at every intersection.
Even tiny side street intersections!
You rarely see a stop sign over there and traffic keeps moving constantly!

Plus drivers will save a tons of money on gas not having to stop every 20 seconds

The traffic flow is horrible in L.A. and will get worst if improvements like these aren't done now.

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