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What recent innovations would improve your daily commute?
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Wi-Fi on the buses?or at least the bus stops?just Rapid/Rail?
Updated: Nov 22, 2011 Kris Z

A quick google search came up with three relevant articles




Why not here yet? It would definitely help out with boredom and people who are not able to afford 3g or 4g data service. Plus so many people would find public transportation more attractive than it already is. More work could be done especially as a percentage of the work force is already mobile in all facets of the word. I would give Rapid/Rail the pilot program, see how it works and doesn't interfere with other municipal and emergency frequencies, then expand it to more if it works from there. A detractor from complete freeloaders might be having to register on a website similar to ExperienceLA Wi-Fi, having a LAPL card, or having it linked to TAP Cards somehow. Even integration with TransitTV would work probably even with more real-time data similar to coffee shop TVs and the like. I would propose such an idea in a future blog post or some type of Facebook petition in addition to this as this gains popularity or is melded into an already existing plan to implement something similar to this.

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Addendum 1: this may be something similar to Real-time data improvements in the Getting Around Los Angeles TOPIC

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