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Existing Freeways used for lightrail above ground travel.
Feb 24, 2012 Scott S2

Though the cost would be extremely high and inconvenient for quite sometime, my idea would save this city and it's people money in the long run.

My IDEA is to remove existing carpool lanes and the far left lanes on existing freeways for an above ground rail/trolly system that runs down the center of the current freeways. Just like how it is out on the 210 freeway. It is an expansion of this idea but to all the existing freeways (5,405,10,105,101,134).

High retention walls built on either side would protect the rail and trains from freeway traffic, with Station stop platforms built up and over the freeways. Passengers would be able to walk up and over the freeways to catch a bus or a trolly to there destination. Though we would loose lanes of traffic, it is my belief that more people would use the rail system and stay out of the car.

With gas prices on the rise again, the people of this city are hungry for a mass transit system that could work like the old days of the trolly that ran down the center of the street.

Short term benefits would bring tons of jobs to Los Angeles for building the project and long term will solve the mass transit issue in this city without the headaches of messing with city streets.

If millions are being spent to extend a carpool lane on the 405, that will not really help in the long run, why not spend a little more to make it a more long term economical and greener way to get around the city.

I would be the first in line to take trolly's or trains around the city and give up the car. But it would have to be extensive and more convenient.

I hope that this idea will at the very least generate a discussion, and maybe bring back the glory days of a mass transit system that works in Los Angeles.

Thanks for reading.

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