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Improving Dwtn LA
Apr 16, 2012 Stephen R4

Clear defined signage for Freeways, parking, events.
Each district has unique logos, motifs, colors visible made by locals In that district.
More shuttles to parking lots to say Olivera St.
Improved nighttime lighting (deter crime).
audio signals for blind to use.

Estd District Tour Office IE Jewelry, Fashion & Dwtn Arts area etc for PR.
Expand dining in area.
Use area for period piece TV & movies.
Reuse bldgs for condoes, apts, studioes.

Expand parking & make EZ to acess.

All can help Dwtn LA big time.

Reuse Red Trolleys for dwtn use.

Estd Urban Hydroponics Center for food prod from idle acerage.

More 2 way streets & visible Freeway On /Off Ramp signs posted within all Dwtn LA area.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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