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LA or SoCAL Airways
Feb 24, 2012 Stephen R4

Rotor copter shuttle service to:
Lake Arrowhead, Wrightwood, Big Bear, Mammoth from all LA-OC area by Air.
Reuse V22 Ospreys & or extended fueslage S67 copters- see "Marine One" but longer fueslage.
Each S67 would carry 50 passengers & or 100 lbs cargo.

Vertiports would be in:
Irvine, Dwtn LA
Anahiem, Pasadena, Malibu, Palmdale, Oxnard,
Ventura, LB, Palm Springs, Indio

NO city has this service.
& linked to MTA Bus /RR System.

Ideal for Search Rescue
Cargo runs in Winter
Evacs (fire, flooding).
Tourisim alone
Aerial sightseeing.
Copter serviced in LA & OC.
Hire ex vets to fly & service.
More jobs.
Use low Db copter blades to reduce noise.
Use Hi tech .
Modify in So CA, Mojave, Palmdale, Burbank,.
Long Term Project.
No Long drives to Mtns esp from beaches.
More jobs in Mtn resorts.
Need 2,3 Vertiports in Mtns alone for Project.

For Lake Arrowhead: Near Blue Jay
& on, near Lake Arrowhead Village area.

A Mission Control center can plot flights from LAX, Van Nuys, Bob Hope, PS Intl into Mtns.

Copters have emerg chutes in case engine troubles & can Autorotate for landing.

Total copters needed: 30, 40? some Pure Cargo only

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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