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LAUSD School Bus Reuse
Mar 07, 2012 Stephen R4

IF LAUSD closes schools & reroutes busing or stores Excess buses, those idle buses should be used by MTA as a Emerg Basis IF warrnated or for Group Use citywide.

Buses can be Sold, Lease or Rented.
Buses would no longer be under LAUSD.
& or vans, mini buses.

Citywide, all cities in the nation too.

Groups can rent buses & or fix up for Group.

Save LAUSD storage costs.
Customize your kids schoolbus
Recycle, Reuse.
Use chassis for other custom vehicles.

& can include other CA cities.

Bus custom features:
CD Stereo
Rear Bar, storage.
Reclining seats
Luggage racks overhead
Reading lights.
New paint scheme, colors?, logo.
New ID.

All from idle LAUSD buses.

Buses stored, sold, rented by citywide Broker service.
& bus spread out citywide.

La Canada, Pasadena, Irvine, Stockton, Torrance, El Monte etc IF warrnated.

Speed TV can show sample bus being "customized".

LAUSD Bus reuse:
MTA Temp Emerg Vehicle.
Sold, Lease, Rent.
TV & Movie Use.

Ive some some as RVs crude makeshift on the road.

Bus users:
Singles assocs
other miscl assocs locally.

Low fee to Rent, with driver.
Or acess drivers for Bus Use.

Imagine implications for CA alone.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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