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No blocked lanes during AM and PM peaks
Updated: Mar 06, 2012 Kire N
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No blocked lanes during AM and PM peaks
Look familiar?

LADOT needs an enforcement arm (other than ConAd) which regularly drives around the busiest corridors ensuring all lanes remain open on designated City streets during peak hour operations. Although this concept is already "enforced", it has no teeth. If a contractor is still blocking travel lanes during the PM peak, they should be fined. Does this actually happen? No.

Even if confronted by LADOT, the contractor stays in the street until they are finished, because LADOT is not enforcement-based. All a DOT engineer can do is call ConAd, who is always four hours away, if they can even respond at all that day. Contractors know this and abuse it. Likewise, enough with DWP's daily "emergency repair" work in lanes during the peak hours. Take away their carte blanche to close lanes whenever they see fit, and audit their so-called emergencies once in a while. I'll bet that their emergency repairs are not emergencies at all. They use that excuse to make repairs at their convenience, not yours.

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