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Street Sensors
Feb 25, 2012 Stephen R4

Place under ALL City govt vechiles (save PD, FD, EMT) & MTA Buses, sensors to read road & detect potholes & send data to Hqs for action.
That plus input from citizens: Fax, online, photos etc.

Vehicles have microsensors to scan road for pits, cracks, peeling paint etc.
& note Locale via GPS & encode data to Hqs.

ID major fix sites
Allocate resources
Privitize repairs.
Save lives
Save car repairs alone
Extend fuel usage.
Local cities can fix own streets.
More Jobs,.

Sensors work 24/7 on vehciles when driven only.
Sensors OFF in park mode.

Compare,contrast past work to save money.
Privitize pot hole repairs & see LA save money alone.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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