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Ventura Blvd (Woodland Hills/Warner Center to Universal City)
Mar 04, 2012 Adam S1
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Trips along Ventura constitute a good amount of traffic in the Southern portion of the Valley, and the Orange line not only fails to serve this corridor, but it doesn't even connect passengers to any relevant destinations along its course to Universal from Warner Center. I offer two proposals:

(1) Transform the median on Ventura into a dedicated/double-bounded streetcar line making "local" stops, and have the Orange Line operate more like an "express line" b/w Warner Center and Universal City by making fewer stops.

(2) Re-zone Ventura for more low-rise mixed-use developments. Growth is inevitable, but if contained in dense transit corridors the consequences can be shaped positively.

In combination, these measures would take cars off the road, alleviate parking, and encourage a pedestrian/street culture that supports small-businesses and promotes a sense of community.

(*Non-Valley ideas: (a) extend the Purple Line extension along Wilshire to meet w/ the Expo line in Santa Monica; (b) extend the Red Line from Hollywood/Highland down Fairfax, then along Santa Monica through W. Hollywood to combine/share track with the Red Line in Beverly Hills; (c) some kind of overhead express-tram from the Sherman Oaks Galleria [transfer to/from Ventura Blvd streetcar] through Wilshire/Sepulveda [transfer to/from the Red/Purple Lines] through the Expo line [transfer to/from Sepulveda station] to a Century Blvd terminal, to which the green line could be extended, and from which a separate Airtrain could depart to circulate the LAX terminals [as used at JFK and SFO]).

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