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Which LA street(s) represent you as an Angeleno? Why?
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Wilshire Blvd.
Updated: Dec 11, 2011 David B2

I'm listing Wilshire not because it best "represents me as an Angeleno", but because it represents much of what is good and bad about LA's arterial streets.

Good: high-frequency bus service, subway service on parts, interesting destinations (e.g. Downtown, MacArthur Park, LACMA, the beach, and wide sidewalks in many sections

Bad: much of the pavement is in TERRIBLE condition (this has a huge impact on bus riders), it is wide and therefore not pedestrian-friendly to cross, there is no bus/bike lane along the entire length (at least not yet), noise levels, and it could be doing more with vegetation to reduce runoff and protect the watershed

Wilshire reflects both the older trend of prioritizing cars over all else and the newer trend of complete streets that attempt to accommodate all modes of transportation in safe and pleasant harmony.

It'll be interesting to see which trend wins out.

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