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What recent innovations would improve your daily commute?
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Elevated bike path
Jan 05, 2012 S S

Initially, I know this may sound crazy, but after running the idea past several of my friends, including one of my friends who is a well known architect, the idea of an elevated bike path from downtown to the beach made a lot of sense. I'm a government employee who tries to commute at least twice a week by bicycle. The only reason why I don't commute more often by bicycle is that I dread dealing with all the motorists on Wilshire Bl. Wilshire Bl is wide enough from downtown to Santa Monica to support an elevated bike path down the middle of the street. During the LA marathon, when the streets were closed, I was able to commute by bicycle from Beverly Hills to USC in roughly 15 minutes! Imagine, all the people that would use this bike path because if they didn't have to stop for traffic lights, or worry about getting hit by a car, that would use this bike path. With all the good weather we get in Southern California, something like this would be very popular, and help to relieve congestion on surface streets.

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