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What is your community's primary commercial hub or main street?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Angeleno's to participate!
LA HSRs Systems, etc.

Idea originally submitted in
Feb 22, 2012 Stephen R4

Pasadena Art Design School for Concepts
USC UCLA Bus schools
Pepperdine Univ
Public Input
Local News: KTLA Ch 5.
Meet with Japanese RR leaders since Bullet Train debut in Japan.
PR French TGV.

Adapt for So CA.
Or So CA to AZ, NV.

Use 3D anime concepts for Project.

More can be done for So CA HS RR lines.

Reuse MTA Lines for HS RR.

One can take RR from Oaji to Irvine OC/
Not doable now, But doable.

Train Depot features:
Produce market
Bus stop center
Dining, diner
Vending machines
RR sensors.
Cargo services./
Fed Ex, UPS office.

From 1 stop.

Combine concept with USC Eng/Bus, UCLA, Pepperdine,other UC schools?, Pvt colleges
for Total Study.

Use 3D Maps of So CA & LA CA since 1950.

HS Ocean Ferries to LB from Avalon & to Santa Barbara.
HS=High Speed.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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